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EV-propulsion started selling electric vehicle drive motors, hence our name!    
Over the years we added almost all electric vehicle parts needed for a                 
conversion, and is now selling the full line of netgain's Warp,                          
Impulse, and TransWarp dc series wound motors,speed  controllers, Lithium
and lead batteries,battery chargers, DC converters, adapter kits,contactors,
throttles, battery monitors,cable, books and more!
.........that's in addition to our ev conversion service!!!

We are always adding new items , so check back often !!             
We now have the                
elektromotus bms system          
available at
introductory                         prices!
We are an electric vehicle conversion company that did our first electric
car conversion way back in 1975. Our goal is to create
quality electric
car conversions using
quality parts.  For the home builder we sell these
parts at reasonable prices too!

Build a car for you, not for them ! (the oil
We take pride in our work and
try to build to the highest quality
front battery box of a miata
conversion, holding 5 batteries,
all wiring hidden from view
We strive to build to the highest
standards of quality and create a
vehicle that a novice EV'er can
confidently drive.
This is under the front battery
box, once again there is no bare
wiring. This is a Warp9
motor,mated to an automatic
transmission. This is wired to a
curtis controller
both of which we sell of course!
(and more!)
Here is another view of the
motor before wiring, with power
steering and air conditioning
mounted, and the alternator for
charging the 12v system, only
energized during closed throttle.
A complete set of pictures
are now on the
"projects"     page ....   
check it out !

VERY NICE!  This is what people want!   -   NetGain Motors inc

This looks like one of the cleanest conversions I’ve seen – Great Job
!   --  Curtis inc

Those pictures are COOOL!  A good looking system   --  Flight Systems inc

Thank you, Mike….I really appreciate your photos,,,,you do nice work.  -- Global Industrial inc
Charging cord auto
Never drive off with your
charging cord           still   
See them on the
Welcome to
conversions since 1975
At EV-propulsion llc we have been converting cars to full electric power since 1975.

We sell  quality electric car conversion parts with consulting services available. Or we will
convert a car for you using our years of experience to build you an electric that drives as
well as your gas car without the noise, pollution, or maintenance of a gas powered car.

Since our first conversion in 1975 after the first "oil crisis" we have continually improved our
design so that now you can have an electric car capable of highway speeds with an
automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, and even air conditioning. We take
tremendous pride in our work and our conversions have the look and drive feel of a factory
built vehicle.

With an electric car, you will have a zero emissions vehicle, be able to bypass gas stations
and "plug in" at home to "fill up", and also enjoy the silence of electric drive.

You will also have huge savings on maintenance, as an electric motor has only one moving
part compared to hundreds in a gasoline engine, there are no fluid changes, filters, and
tune-ups required, and all at the equivalent of 180 MPG.!
Located on Long Island, NY, bu
t we ship worldwide!
For those visitors looking for ev-calculations to begin their project click
click link below for your DIY
source for all types of metals!
We have recently been
featured on the website
of the movie "Revenge
of the Electric Car"......
Here is a link to our story:
We are an authorized
distributor of the Zilla
controllers, plus all
Manzanita components!
Here are some pictures from one of our recent conversion projects....
custom motor mount, front motor pulley, and air conditioning bracket
GBS 100ah batteries, Soliton 1 controller, miniBMS system
Completed underhood, with gigavac disconnect switches, no exposed
electrical hazards
All wiring hidden under hinged controller
Gas tank area battery box and all oem structural supports still intact
J1772 charging port in previous gas fill port                                                              Manzanita charger, trunk space still available
All wiring fully insulated in non-metallic liquidtite conduit and terminal boots
Below are some pictures from our earlier Miata conversion