The EZ Safe Disconnect is a mounting, housing, and connection assembly designed to work with
Anderson Power Products SB 2-pole electrical connectors, models SB175 and SB350. The EV EZ
Safe Disconnect provides an easy mechanism for disconnecting and reconnecting a circuit while
keeping both connectors captive and aligned. The lever on top of the mechanism makes
disconnection and reconnection of the circuit easy and direct, while a pull-cable attachment allows
for disconnection from a distance
The two-piece construction of the mounting housing makes assembly easy and supports multiple
sizes of connectors. A spring-loaded catch keeps the Anderson connectors captive in the housing,
and is easily released for removal of one connector. The stainless steel construction of the housing
makes it durable enough to be at home under the hood, while a plastic inner layer provides
additional isolation and protection for the connectors
The EV EZ Safe Disconnect does not make any electrical connections itself, and is thus subject to
the limitations of the components that it houses. Please adhere to the limits set forth in the
datasheet for Anderson Power Products SB connectors . Pay special attention to the 'Pulse Current
Capability' graph as shown on page 2 of the connector datasheets. (Note the typo on the
datasheet: the Y-axis should show 0 - 3000 Amps NOT temperature)

Using a cable for remote operation:

A cable can be connected to the lever mechanism to allow for remote operation. We found it useful
to run a cable into the cab connected to a handle to provide the driver the ability to disconnect the
high-voltage power from the rest of the car. When building an electric car, it's good to give yourself
plenty of ways to confidently disconnect the power.

Our disconnect provides another level of safety by capturing the two connectors - after they are
electrically disconnected. The removable connector is still locked into place after disconnecting,
preventing it from falling into or wrapping around (and around and around) who-knows-what inside
your car. It can be easily freed once you're under the hood with access to the lever.


Build a car for you, not for them ! (the oil
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EZ Safe Disconnects are available for
those interested in using a mechanical
style disconnect rather than a
contactor or such for an electrical type
disconnect.  DOES
Switch Characteristics
Current Rating: 600 Amps
Voltage Rating: 145 Volts DC
Switching: 1000 cycles @ 100% rated
50 cycles @ 150% rated current
5 cycles @ 600% rated current
UL Withstand Rating: 100,000 Amps
Agency Approvals
UL Recognized, File E122674
For use with Littelfuse® Type L17T
or Telpower® Type TPL fuses
No longer available
inertia switches and fused
disconnects               below!
INERTIA (crash disconnect)  SWITCH
The switch shown is intended to disable an electric circuit in automotive applications. This functionality is recommended in electric vehicle  
applications, since a controller or other device may otherwise continue operating after a collision or rollover.  A small loose weight (called a
proof mass) is trapped within a spring loaded cage. A shock in any direction will cause movement of the mass relative to the cage, and if
sufficiently shocked the cage will spring open, actuating an associated switch. The switch is reset by pressing the cage closed through the
flexible (red) top cover, retrapping the mass. These switches are also used to open a contactor (a large relay) to disable the high power
circuit of a battery electric vehicle upon collision.
The revolutionary HBD series of hermetically sealed switches go a step further.
Using patent pending technology the HBD series is the first truly hermetic high
power manual disconnect switch. Since the HBD can be mounted in virtually any
environment it can be placed near vehicle batteries. This helps eliminate extra cable
length required to place traditional switches inside the vehicle interior.
Gigavac HBD41 master disconnect switch
No longer available
Disconnect choices