Models 1231C/1221C
The Curtis PMC models 1231C and 1221C motor
controller. An efficient and cost effective speed
control for on-road electric vehicle applications. These
controllers utilize power MOSFET technology,
pioneered by Curtis PMC, to provide benefits
unavailable with older speed control systems.
The Curtis PMC models 1231C and 1221C are high
power, heavy duty MOSFET electronic motor speed
controllers which are ideal for use in electric
commuter vehicles, light delivery
trucks, and other vehicles utilizing up to 144 volts

For DC series wound electric motors
High frequency switching and ultra low voltage drop provides
very high efficiency and quiet operation. Costs, heatsinking
requirements and motor and battery losses are reduced. Low
end torque, range and battery life are increased.
• Environmental protection provided by a sealed (factory
serviceable), rugged, anodized aluminum extrusion housing.
Simple mounting and wiring with push-on type connectors for control
signals. Plated solid copper busses used for all power
• Thermal protection and compensation circuit provides undertemperature
cutback, constant current limit over operating
range, and linear rollback in over-temperature. No sudden
loss of power under any thermal conditions.
• Frequency shifting from 15 kHz to 1.5 kHz at low throttle
settings provides improved protection against stalled motors.
• Heavy duty power base in 1231C contains additional active
devices to improve power handling capability.
• Potentiometer fault protection circuitry disables the controller
if the throttle wires become open.
• High Pedal Disable prevents controller operation if the key
switch is turned on while throttle is applied.
• Optional heatsink (p/n 16286) for model 1231C controller
improves thermal capability.
• No adjustments are required.
• Simple installation — Uses a two wire throttle potentiometer.
• Frequency of Operation: 15/1.5 kHz
• Standby Current: less than 30 mA
• Ambient Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to 50°C
• Controller Temperature Cutback Point: -25°C and +85°C

Build a car for you, not for them ! (the oil
The MODEL 810 EXCELerator is a heavy duty
industrial accelerator. The special linear design
provides a smooth resistance from the initial
switch through the final (1A) switch. A standard
feature is the ball joint on the end of the slide
provides a variety of mounting options. The unit
can be used in applications where a resistance of
0 to 5000 or 5000 to 0 ohms is required.
Potentiometer - 5000 ohms +/- 10% linear,
Active region=1.25 inch

Rated- 10A @ 125 v.a.c.
3A @ 48 v.d.c.
1.5A @ 72 v.d.c.

80* C pvc protective jacket

Stops- internal at travel limits
Travel - 1.25 inches
First .125 inch actuates initial               
Last .125 inch actuates final         
Return Spring- initial-4 pounds
final-14 pounds

Shaft- .250 inch dia. 1/4-28 thread
one              end, ball joint the other

Bearings-long life, perm lubed
molybdenum disulphide filled nylon
This is a genuine curtis part, (beware of offshore imitations)
0-5000 ohms, with microswitch
1000 Amps:  The Soliton1 can deliver 1000A at all duty cycles at up to 300V (slight derating above 300V). If liquid cooling is used that is
a continuous current rating!  Even with just the built-in fans/heatsink you can get 1000A for 15-20 seconds every 90-120!

300 Volts:  The Soliton1 can operate on 10V minimum to 342V maximum.

Superior Construction:
600 Volt IGBT modules: Rugged design based on industrial IGBT modules, not lots of little IGBTs or MOSFETs in parallel.
Cutting Edge Input Capacitor: Ultra low loss polypropylene film capacitor. No electrolytics to overheat and fail!

High Efficiency: 1.5V max. drop at 1000A (0.8V typical).
Superior Electrical Layout:  Internal laminated bus structure minimizes spikes and noise emissions.
CAD/CAM/CNC: Computer designed and CNC machined out of cast aluminum.

Rugged Enclosure: Anodized and silkscreened with epoxy ink for water resistance and durability.

Fan & Liquid Cooled Heatsink: Awesome heat-dissipation as-is; liquid cooling loops add even more.

Dedicated high power connections:  Separate terminals (1/2") for the battery and motor connections.  Makes for a clean and safe

Battery pack protection: both maximum current and minimum voltage on the battery side are programmable - protect your pack from
abuse while extracting the maximum performance and range from your pack.
Motor protection: motor voltage, current and total power can be limited; with separate limits for when in reverse.

Adjustable switching frequency: Losses in any controller go up with switching frequency; the Soliton1 lets you choose between higher
performance and efficiency (8kHz) or guaranteed silence at all current levels (14kHz).

Smooth starts: Dithering is used at low motor currents to maintain precise control and eliminate jerky starts without resorting to a huge
drop in switching frequency.
Idle: A world's first for EVs! Makes converting vehicles with automatic transmissions, power steering, A/C, etc. much easier!

Adjustable acceleration rate:  The rate at which motor current is allowed to rise is adjustable from a tortoise-like 100A per second to a
tire-boiling 25,000A/s (functions essentially like traction control).
Built-in Main Contactor w/ Auto-Pre-Charge:  Precharge management and main contactors are inside the controller.

Protected against wiring errors: All input terminals protected against reverse and over-voltage. All output terminals protected against
short-circuit and inductive kickback (diodes recommended across all coils anyway). Even the battery pack terminals are protected
against reverse polarity and overvoltage!

3-wire throttle input: Accepts a 0-5V signal from a pot, automotive TPS or Hall effect pedal, etc.. The range is calibrated and "off" can be
compensated for drift. Polarity can be inverted and a broken throttle wire detected.

Tachometer input/ouput: Compatible with industrial proximity sensors (1, 2, 4, 6 per turn) to protect against motor over-speed and
necessary for idle. Tach output drives a 4cyl or 6cyl tachometer gauge regardless of input pulses/turn.

Brake input: inhibits the throttle when active for additional safety

Three programmable inputs: Reverse and motor over-temp so far, with sport/econo mode and cell-level low voltage cutoff coming soon

Three programmable outputs: Meter drivers to display motor and battery amps, power, etc. Switching twin motors between
series/parallel (coming soon).

Error light output: for reporting errors to the driver via the existing "Check Engine" light or other 12V indicator.

Web browser interface: Access all settings and update the firmware with an ordinary web browser!
Data acquisition: Performance data is continuously streamed to the Ethernet port (UDP format) at 0.1s intervals. A basic logging
program is available and the data format is open source.

Firmware upgrades: new features can be added to the Soliton1 without removing it from the vehicle - just upload the encrypted
firmware through the web interface (or optional "speed updating" program) and reboot!
   We are now selling the SOLITON 1 and SOLITON JR
high              performance controllers by EVnetics
llc- the controller
is now no         longer the weak link in a high performance
conversion! This is designed to be the ultimate, bulletproof DC
series motor controller.  
Model 810 EXCELerator
No longer available
Soliton throttle:
Designed and recommended by
the soliton manufacturer for use
with the soliton 1.
No longer
NetGain Controls, Inc. WarP-Drive    No longer available
This device has been developed to interface directly to the WarP-Drive controller over the
CANbus communications line. It opens up an amazing array of capabilities. Some of its features

Datalogging to a miniSD card from all internal sensors in the WarP-Drive, some of which are motor
current and voltage and battery current and voltage, chillplate temperature, pulse width, throttle
position, internal power supply voltages, external supply voltage, error and warning codes, and
controller operating state.
Firmware upgrades to the WarPDrive
Real-time display of the above data parameters on a variety of screens.
Real time clock with super-cap battery backup. Set the time once, and even when unplugged, the
time will be accurately kept.
Easy in-vehicle mounting using a windshield suction-cup mount (provided).
Powered over the connection to the WarP-Drive so only a single cable is required to operate.
Extremely sleek and compact design fits comfortably in your hands.
The interface module's firmware can easily be updated by simply obtaining the new firmware file
by download, copying the upgrade files to the miniSD card, inserting the card into the Interface
Module, and power cycling the unit. Seconds later, the unit is running with upgraded firmware.
Price includes Interface Module, miniSD card (1GB), and windshield mount
WarP-Drive Interface Module
This complete package is a collection of all the cooling components you'll need for your WarP-Drive motor controller:

12V high-flow super-quiet pump
Waterproof electrical connectors
6" x 12" finned Radiator
81.3 CFM 12V fans (2)
8 ft. 1/2" ID (3/4" OD) Soft Vinyl tubing
Easy to use snap-grip clamps for each connection
Automotive quality 1/2 gallon coolant reservoir
1/2" fittings for radiator and reservoir
NetGain Controls WarP-Drive Liquid Cooling Kit
WarP-Drive Hall-Effect Pedal Assembly
This Speed Sensor was designed in the USA specifically for the WarP series of motors with a tailshaft diameter of .875" and replaces the Zolox
Speed Sensor. However, the kit could fit any motor with an exposed tail shaft.

To install the sensor, slide the exciter ring over the tailshaft of the motor, then using the included stainless steel mounting plate, situate the sensor
shaft can also be used to power a compressor or other device requiring shaft input.

To install the sensor to a tachometer gauge, use the included adapter harness. Hook the wires on the adapter directly to the corresponding wires
on the tachometer, and then plug the adapter's connector into the sensor cable's.
WarP Motor Speed Sensor Kit
The WarP-Drive Industrial (a.k.a. the "WarP-Drive 2 ") has
now replaced the Classic controller. It has many great
features that make it an attractive motor speed controller
choice for all classes of high power DC electric vehicle

The base unit comes programmed for 1000A rated
output at 400V, and is user-upgradeable to 1200 and
1400 amps. The WarP-Drive comes from the factory with
CANbus connectivity, which gives it endless capabilities
to operate in conjunction with already-in-development
third-party hardware solutions.
400 volt nominal DC input capability
1000/1200/1400 amps available
550A continuous rating with 1.5GPM liquid cooling
Dimensions: 22x7x4 in
Weight: 23lbs
Built-in precharging
Dual CANbus ports
Film capacitors in the power section
Completely sealed device.  
Almost double the continuous current rating of the Classic (Warp-Drive 1) controller, or around 550 amps vs. 275 amps of the Classic. While the majority of conversions require less than even the 275 amps,
the higher rating gives it additional safety margin and performance for a wider range of applications. You'll also note that the new pricing for both controllers is the same. So you are getting a lot more for
your money with the WarP-Drive Industrial controller.
Completely sealed waterproof metal enclosure gives greater protection from the harsh under-hood environment and a reduction in EMI emissions.
Weighs in at under 23lbs. For comparison, a Z1K package weights about 15.5lbs and a Soliton1 weighs 33lbs.
Dimensions are approximately 20x7x4 (LxWxH). That gives a total volume of 560 cubic inches. For comparison, a Z1K has a total combined volume (power section and Hairball) of 352 cubic inches and a
Soliton1 has a volume of 918 cubic inches.
Battery connections are on one end and motor connections on the other.
All electrical connections are completely protected. The power cables enter the enclosure through high-quality ratcheting cable glands where they are protected from being touched or shorted during
operation. We think you'll find that this is a superior method to connecting the power cables, and will give a much more OEM appearance to installations.
1/2" OD copper tubing for liquid cooling ports allow for maximum flow rate through the intensely-powerful internal custom liquid chill plate. Liquid cooling kit connections are simplified with -8 AN
compression fittings for the Performance cooling kit. With the standard kit, no adapters are required.
All outside low-current connections now use Deutsch connectors. These are some of the finest connectors on the market. The throttle connector uses gold-plated contacts to ensure long-term reliability. The
controller ships with a 4ft pigtail connector for the main connections.
A rotary switch for selecting the desired throttle unit is now provided on the internal circuit boards and can be accessed when the main cover is off. If the switch position is set to "0", the throttle is
software-selectable. Also available are the termination headers for the CANbus, allowing the user to configure whether the controller CANbus is terminated or not.
The Industrial unit has dual current sensors for the main current flow. This provides an added layer of safety so the controller can self-check if the current flow is correct.
Throttle channels are now completely electrically isolated from the 12V system and the high voltage system. Additionally, both independent throttle channels are isolated from each other. This offers the
highest level of protection and safety available for the critical throttle input system.
The Industrial controller has internal circuitry to perform a check on the isolation between pack and chassis. While not a replacement for proper installation and regular safety checks to verify isolation, it
does give an added layer of protection to warn if there is an isolation issue.
A jumper is provided internally that allows for a main contactor coil suppression circuit to be connected or disconnected. On contactors that provide their own coil suppression (e.g. Kilovac EV200 and
most standard Gigavac contactors).
The controller can operate now within the full range of 11-18VDC on the 12V supply (the controller will remain powered from 9V to 11V, however a fault code will be generated). The Classic unit has a limit
on the high end of 16V. Additionally, the Key-Input line with this version is more tolerant of noise and fluctuations.

Variable DC Voltage Input/Output
The unit can be initially purchased with 160, 260, or 360V nominal limits. Customers can purchase upgrades at any time that allow the end-user to perform the upgrade. This versatility allows customers to
start with a feature-packed controller, and scale to higher pack voltages as budget allows.
The output voltage (motor voltage) can be configured using our Interface Module to limit the voltage that the motor sees. This is especially useful for higher pack voltages used with motors that are limited
(such as the NetGain WarP, ImPulse, and TransWarP, which have a limit of 160-170V).
Liquid Cooling
The best controllers on the market use liquid cooling to wick away the heat produced. The WarP-Drive uses precision machined liquid chill plates. Connecting to the chill plate is extremely easy! We also
carry two custom cooling kits for the WarP-Drive. These kits are designed to be installed in minimal time.
Temperature Safety
Designed for any temperature situation, the WarP-Drive internally protects itself from overheating. When using the available cooling kits, temperatures can usually be limited to below 55C. However, some
situations can arise causing the temperatures to rise above this (e.g. a pump failure). At 55C, maximum power output capability begins to decrease. At 95C, the amp-output capability hits zero.
Hall Effect Throttle Input
The WarP-Drive exclusively uses a Hall-effect throttle input (no 0-5kohm "potboxes"!). These throttle channels are completely electrically isolated from each other and the chassis ground. NetGain Controls
provides two types of throttle assemblies. One is a complete pedal unit. And for those who have used a pot-box in the past or those simply not wanting to change out the original accelerator pedal, an
automotive-quality unit is available that can connect to the existing throttle cable.
Simple Installation Without Sacrificing Functionality
The WarP-Drive is very simple to install. It ships with a 4ft pigtail for connecting to the controller. In addition to the high power cable connections, there are only 10 wires that have to be connected. A brake
input line is provided for additional safety to shut the controller down when the brake is pressed. A reverse input is also available to trigger an alternate setting profile. This feature can be used to toggle
between two performance modes, with different amp and voltage limitation settings. The Industrial controller has a rotary switch on the internal board that allows the installer to select the installed throttle. It
also has a jumper for selecting whether the internal main contactor coil suppression is connected or disconnected. This should be selected for contactors that do not provide internal coil suppression (e.g.
Albright SW-200).
Safe, Durable Connections
Consumer safety was of utmost priority when designing the WarP-Drive Industrial. As such, the high voltage terminals on the controller were placed inside the enclosure. This eliminates the need for clumsy
add-on devices to shield these high voltage connections and makes for a very clean installation.
Throttle, precharging, and data output terminals on the controller's front are automotive quality, waterproof connectors.
External Construction Optimized for Size, Weight, Function, and Durability
The WarP-Drive weighs in at just under 23lbs (10.4kg)! It is approximately 4 1/4" high, 7" wide, and 20" long. All core functionality is built into the single unit, eliminating the need to mount multiple
The WarP-Drive enclosure is completely aluminum, with the top and sides being anodized. These plates are not only visually appealing, they also act as an extra heat sink to wick away heat.
The Quality You'd Expect From NetGain
The WarP-Drive controller by NetGain Controls, Inc., has the quality you would expect from the NetGain name. The controller is built with the highest quality components. Each unit is assembled and tested
in a professional electronics assembly facility and shipped in our attractive custom foam packaging.
Genuine Curtis PB-6
No longer
No longer
Soliton 1 owners manual
Warp-Drive, liquid cooled, CAN bus, requires HEPA  throttle, recommend purchase of interface module also
The WarP-Drive Hall-effect Pedal Assembly (HEPA) is an automotive accelerator pedal assembly with dual
Hall-effect sensors. It includes dual return springs and has convenient mounting points. boxes.

The pedal will require a custom bracket for mounting and may not fit all cars. For vehicles where mounting
would not be possible, or if it is preferrable to use the existing throttle pedal and cable, see the Hall-effect
throttle (HETA) assembly on this page.

Price includes a 10' section of shielded cable which comes with waterproof connectors installed on both
ends of the cable - one for the Hall-effect unit, and the other for the WarP-Drive Controller. This provides a
factory installation appearance.
Two versions are available, one that fits 7/8 diameter shafts (warp8, 9, 11, 11HV, and Impulse 9)
and one for 1-1/8 diameter shaft motors (transwarp 7, 9, 11, and warp 13)
We were the first dealer selling the Soliton line of products (outside of the manufacturer)
Upon inception of the Soliton we immediately saw the quality designed into their products
and added the product line to our business of selling quality EV parts.
conversions since 1975
Soliton JR- same quality and
features as the soliton 1, just
500 amps continuous (600
PEAK) and a lower price!
Special! Buy a Soliton
1          or JR  and  get 4
terminal covers FREE !
No longer available
As of 2/15/2012 there has been a slight price increase
from EVnetics due to cost of materials, which              is
reflected in the current pricing.
The Zilla motor controller package comes complete with a standard Hairball. All Zillas require a Hairball in order to run. You can select options for your
Hairball above if desired. The Zilla package also includes a three foot Cat-5 cable with ferrite to connect the Zilla and Hairball, a serial cable and adapter
for connecting a laptop computer to the Hairball, a contactor snubber diode, shorting plug, two high voltage stickers and a Zilla screwdriver. The
computer that you will need for setting Hairball settings must have a RS-232 serial port with a 9 pin connection. In case your computer is not appropriate
or you just want a portable way to adjust settings, we sell an appropriate Palm Pilot handheld terminal in the accessories section.

· Maximum nominal input voltage range for Lead Acid batteries: 72 to 300 volts.
· Absolute maximum fully loaded input voltage range: 36 to 400 volts
· Maximum motor current at 50°C heatsink temperature: 1000 Amps
· Maximum Battery Current at 200V: 950 Amps
· Maximum Battery Current at 300V: 885 Amps
· Maximum Battery Current at 400V: 800 Amps
· Continuous motor current @ 50°C coolant temp & 100% Duty Cycle: 300 Amps
· Peak Power: 320,000 Watts
· PWM frequency 15.7 kHz
· Power devices IGBT
· Voltage Drop: < 1.9 volts at maximum current.
· Simply, the most powerful controller in the industry, by far.
· Backed by over fifteen years of experience
· Water cooling for sustained high power operation.
· 1000 motor Amps available with proper cooling.
· Multiple Microprocessors which cross check for security and safety.
· Full motor current limit control with smooth temperature cutback.
· Silent high frequency operation.
· Compact size, dimensions: 7.00" Wide, 4.63" High, 9.00" Long
· Weight 15.5 lb.
The Hairball interface is required to run the Zilla controller. It is included in the Zilla package. It enables many new features and safeties listed here:
· Control connections to the Hairball are low voltage and referenced to the vehicle 12V ground for safety.
· Controller precharge circuit is included with self resetting fuse and arc-less main contactor control.
· Uses standard 5 K ohm potentiometer for pedal input (not supplied in package).
· Available configured to run non contact Hall Effect accelerator pedal assembly instead of the 5K pot.
· Unique "accelerator to amps" transfer function for smooth starts, even in high voltage systems.
· Standard RS-232 serial port for adjusting controller parameters.
· Programmable motor voltage and current limits.
· Programmable battery voltage and current limits.
· Valet mode to allow yet another set of settings on the fly with the flip of a switch.
· Two motor speed inputs for overspeed limiting of one or two motors. (requires motor speed sensor, not included)
· Separate voltage, current and speed limit adjustment for reverse.
· Adjustable low battery voltage protection.
· Additional battery voltage indicator set point for operating a dash warning light.
· More than forty status and error codes insure easy diagnostics in case of faults.
· No serial terminal is required to read and clear status and error codes.
· Main contactor voltage drop and stuck contactor monitoring.
· Pulse output for driving a standard 4 or 6 cylinder tachometer.
· Two dash light outputs for driving a check engine light and low battery indicator.
· Overheat indicator built into dash light output.
· Inhibits driving when plugged in, also indicated on dash light. (Requires switch on AC inlet)
· Stalled rotor protection to reduce the possibility of damaged commutators. (Requires motor speed sensor, not included)
· Optionally, up to six high side contactor drivers allow arc-less control of electric reversing and series parallel switching of dual motor systems.
· Optional Autoshift automatically shifts dual motors from series to parallel and back again at the optimum time for more power and efficiency.
· Hairball code with new features can be downloaded as it is developed by means of the bootloader and flash memory, using your home computer.
· Dimensions: 3.5" Wide, 1.75" High, 10" Long
The Hairball has a few hardware options that can be configured when it is first manufactured:
· -P: The Hall Effect Pedal input option. This option enables the Hairball to use the HEPA throttle pedal which is sold separately in the Accessories
section. The Hairball with the -P option installed must use a HEPA pedal for input, it can no longer be used with a normal pot box. Please see the HEPA
pedal listing for important fitting information. This option is available on the base Hairball or in combination with the -A or -S.
· -A: The -A option adds six contactor drivers for controlling motor contactors. This is normally used if you plan to use contactor sets (such as the SW202a
which we sell in the Contactors section) to electrically reverse the motor(s). If you are planning on switching two motors in series parallel arrangement
(this is used in dual motor race cars) then you also will want this option. The -A option adds functionality to the standard model and so enables for future
expansion in case you are not sure of your final configuration. This can be combined with a -P option.
· -S: The Sparrow option was made for use in Sparrows but also has other applications. This option adds two contactor drivers to the standard model for
forward/reverse switching of one motor. Unlike the -A option, the Sparrow option has been configured so that it can use reversing contactors that do not
have built in microswitches for sensing contact position. This is good for vehicles like the Sparrow which are configured to use the Kilovac EV200 type
contactors for reversing therefore it is better to use the -A option when possible. The -S option also has default settings that are reasonable for a Sparrow.
Settings can be changed after setting the defaults. This can be combined with a -P option.
· Maximum nominal input voltage range for Lead Acid batteries: 72 to
348 volts.
· Absolute maximum fully loaded input voltage range: 36 to 400 volts**
· Maximum motor current at 50°C heatsink temperature: 2000 Amps
· Maximum Battery Current at 200V: 1900 Amps
· Maximum Battery Current at 300V: 1770 Amps
· Maximum Battery Current at 400V: 1600 Amps
· Continuous motor current @ 50°C coolant temp & 100% Duty Cycle:
over 600 Amps
· Peak Power: 640,000 Watts
· PWM frequency 15.7 kHz
· Power devices IGBT
· Voltage Drop: < 1.9 volts at maximum current.
** At this time we are suggesting not exceeding 375 volts on the EHV
models, we hope to bring that back up to 400 volts with further testing
Voltage and hairball options
Voltage and hairball options
ZILLA  2K controller
ZILLA  1K controller
The HEPA (Hall Effect
Pedal Assembly) is
required for the -P option
Hairball. If you do not
have this pedal
assembly, the -P option
will not work and the -P
option is required to use
this pedal.
The HEPA package
includes 12 feet of cable
with a connector for the
pedal connection and the
installation notes.
Zilla Speed Sensor is a
hall effect sensor
embedded in a bracket
with a matching
magnet. Its open
collector output
provides four pulses
per motor revolution at
a 50% duty cycle as
utilized by the Hairball.
The Palm IIIxe is a
portable method to
communicate with your
Zilla Controller
Soliton components are
temporarily unavailable from
  the manufacturer